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Strathcona Engineering Services

Strathcona Engineering Services Limited is a company focused on providing practical drill and blast solutions to your operation.

Not getting the results you need from your drilling and blasting activities?

We provide you with expert advice on how to optimise your drilling and blasting operations so that SES can minimise your overall operating costs. This includes blast optimisation, excavator productivity, crusher performance and mill throughput.

Our Goal

Strathcona Engineering’s engineers and a group of associates have consolidated decades of blasting experience in the quarrying, construction and mining industry to provide professional D&B solutions to clients.

Our Approach

Strathcona Engineering’s team will thoroughly analyse your unique circumstances and then provide a tailored solution; no cookie-cutter approaches are used!

Find Out How can Strathcona Engineering Services Help You.

SES also offers a wide range of consultancy services about drilling and blasting in surface and underground mines. These services include blast audits, problem-solving, blast optimisation and training.

Consultancy Services


Strathcona Engineering Services will conduct an audit to identify gaps in your site's blast design process, operational drill and blast systems and statutory compliance.


SES consultants can optimize your site's drill & blast parameters to provide productivity and\or cost improvements downstream to load and haul, crushing and milling operations.


We offer blasting solutions for proximity blasting to control blast vibration, airblast overpressure, blast dust and post-blast fume.

Our Services

Strathcona Engineering Services Limited focuses on providing practical drill and blast solutions to your mining operation.

Drill & Blast Audits

Current state assessment and map against industry best practice.

Blast Training

Formalized blast training packages tailored to clients' requirements.

Fragmentation Analysis

Fragmentation analysis and optimization for open-pit mines.

Blast Design

Blast design process current state assessment – map against industry best practice.

Airblast Optimisation

Airblast and blast vibration optimisation, reduce levels and increase blast sizes.

Drill Production Optimisation

Drill production optimisation, improve operating time.


About Us

Strathcona Engineering Limited is a company focused on providing practical drill and blast solutions to your mining operation.

At Strathcona Engineering, we are committed to meeting and exceeding your expectations in all that we do. This commitment is enabled and supported by practices and processes embedded in all our projects, which deliver real value to our clients.


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Andrew Heaton P.Eng. is a Mining Engineer with 20 years of experience in the mining, quarrying and heavy construction industries, specialising in blasting operations in difficult and technically challenging areas.