Drill & Blast

Not getting the blast you want?

It’s about getting the design right from the beginning. At Strathcona, we get the design right the first time, so you don’t encounter problems later on

Phase 1:

Getting The Basics Right

Potential Savings: 5-10%

Phase 2:

Improving your Cost Base

Potential Savings: 10-15%

Phase 3:

Value Added Operations

Potential Savings: 15% +

Drill & Blast Optimisation Process

No matter the size of the project, we apply our proven four-step method:



Together, our experts help to define specific goals and uncover areas of opportunity. Detailed analysis and benchmarking are typically performed. Projects are always tailored to suit individual needs, usually centred on a key focus area.

Solution development

Solution development

Strathcona Engineering has developed a number of process monitoring, analysis, and control tools to evaluate current operations. Utilising these tools, custom solutions are then engineered and tested to provide optimal solution(s) for your unique set of circumstances



All recommendations are implemented safely and efficiently with the complete support of SES experts. Risk mitigation and safety are the core focus of this stage.

Continuous improvement

Continuous improvement

Ongoing support can be provided either through site visits or remote analysis that can be integrated into solutions and support in standardising operating procedures and training to sustain benefits over time.

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No matter the size of the project, we apply our proven four-step method.