Not getting the blast you want?

We provide you with expert advice on how to optimise your drilling and blasting operations so that SES can maximise your overall operating costs. This includes blast optimisation, excavator productivity, crusher performance and mill throughout.

We can advise on how to get what YOU want, and need, optimal blasting results.

Focusing on Drilling and Blasting optimisation programs, our main aim is to prove to clients that if they maximise their drilling and blasting, the effects of optimal blasting on the whole mineral recovery process is immense, from excavator (digger) productivity, tire life, crusher throughput and power consumption, to reduced workloads on the mill.

It is common for mines to experience problems with their blasting operations, but frequently this can be ignored. However, drilling & Blasting is an operation that needs full-time attention. This is where the mining operation starts; get it wrong here, and the whole operation will not perform to expectations.

Mining Consultancy Services

SES also offers a wide range of consultancy services about drilling and blasting in surface and underground mines. The services include blast audits, blast optimisation and training.

Blast Pattern Optimisation

One of the fundamental requirements in ensuring good blast results is that the blast design must be well developed and appropriate to deliver what is expected.


Feasibility study designs and costs proposals

We work very closely with companies (Mining Houses and Consulting Firms) to ensure that the drill and blast designs used in their feasibility studies are at least within 10% of the resultant mining cost.

Blast Cost Optimisation Studies

We have a number of worksheets specifically designed to assess what the current actual cost base is. We use these and the results of our audit programs to highlight opportunities for Blast Optimisation and better cost performance in the blasting program.


Mine-to-Mill studies and programs

Although most mines understand the concept of Mine-to-Mill programs, only a few run comprehensive and meaningful programs.


Ore Dilution Mitigation

The dilution of your ore by blasting is inevitable purely by the very nature of the operation.

Andrew Heaton

Andrew is a Mining Engineer and D&B specialist with more than 20 years of open-cut and underground experience in technical, production and management roles. Andrew’s focus on improved D&B outcomes through the integration of planning, design, and monitoring systems, the training of engineers and shot crews, and the efficient implementation of site processes has led to step changes in blast performance for many customers.

I provide independent Drilling & Blasting (D&B) optimisation/reviews to operating mines and review D&B plans for pre-feasibility phase mines. In addition, I mentor young/inexperienced D&B engineers in operating mines where adequate training and succession planning isn’t readily available. I evaluate all aspects of the D&B process, from D&B design to on-bench loading to KPI tracking. My primary focus is to provide valuable optimisation recommendations to the mine. I am a low-cost provider who genuinely enjoys D&B optimisation and mentoring.