How Strathcona Engineering Services can help?

Strathcona Engineering Services Limited focuses on providing practical drill and blast solutions to your mining operation. Initially, we investigate your current operational practices by conducting a site audit. The site audit identifies opportunities for improvement and, generally, an Action Plan is derived from this audit.

Blast Optimisation is the key focus area of the Action Plan.

We conduct follow up audits to ensure that your team is working to the plan.  We also assist in generating cost benefits that can be realised from the specific actions. 

Our Audits also work as a  “Fresh Pair of Eyes” for you to provide another view of your operation. We also understand the best ways to maximise your explosives costs, from logistics, storage and price competitiveness of your supplier(s)

Drill and blast audits - current state assessment and map against industry best practice

Blast design process current state assessment – map against industry best practice

Mentoring site-based engineers, superintendents, supervisor and shot firers to better understand drill and blast practices, to improve productivity and safety

Formalised blast training packages, tailored to clients requirements

Specific blast optimisation, fragmentation improvements, construction blasting, etc.

Drill production optimisation, improve operating time

Airblast and blast vibration optimisation reduce levels and increase blast sizes.

Drill & blast contractor management and auditing

Explosive supply contract negotiation and advising

Establish site specific Drill & Blast Metrics (KPI’s)

Blast Management Plans

Flyrock and blast exclusion zones technical evaluations

Drill & blast tender preparation

Drill & blast tender analysis and reporting

Airblast and blast vibration analysis and reporting

Vibration modelling

Bulk explosive trials, measurement and reporting

Initiating system trials, measurement and reporting

Blast consulting

Velocity of Detonation (VOD) measurement

Initiation designs

Blast software training

Blast fragmentation analysis

Misfire management and investigation

Instantel Blast Monitor Hire 1 week to 1 month

Explosive formulation testing

Granite trim shot

Process Integration and Optimization Projects

From mine to mill

Fragmentation analysis and optimization

For open pit mines

Safe Operating Procedures (SOP)

Revision and improvement

Drill and blast audit

Design and implementation assessment

Drill and blast optimization

For optimal fragmentation based on-site studies: rock sampling and testing, observations, historical data, fragmentation analysis using Split Desktop, imaging analysis using Sirovision software, mathematical modelling, including optimum design implementation